How to Keep Our Children Safe from the Drugs.

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Children are a gift of God, who will continue the ideals and lineage. Children are also a mandate, nurtured and educated to be our pride, the most precious  that we must be maintained. They need us to survive in this world. There are many threat that can be passed by them. From the little till the big threat. So, I would like to share about how  parent should do to keep their children safe from the drugs.
Drugs are a very dangerous threat for human’s life. In fact according to the data that has been released by Badan Narkotika Nasionan (BNN) in 2008, there are 14.000 children and teenagers consume drugs in indonesia. How about in 2012? Absolutely it is increasing. The spreading of drugs is getting wider, along with the opening of free trade area where people around the world can get in and out easily to the other countries.
Nowadays the spreading of drugs is very fast and wide. Anyone can get it easily, even  an elementary school student can get it and consume it. And it happens because of less attention from family, especially from their parent.
We can see from the fact about the cases of drug in Indonesia and the effects for health. We should strongly pay attention of that. Don’t let our family especially our children to be a drug victim. And for the preventive action, we can begin from our family, because being a good family which is full of love and sincerity is one of the preventive actions of misapplication the drugs. There are several tips that parent can do to protect our children from the drug:
Firstly, education of religion. We should lead our children to recognize the God. By knowing and learning about the God and religion, they will have responsibility of themselves. Abusing the drugs is really prohibited in every religion. It does not only hurt themselves, but also hurt their family and people around them. They will be very suffered, even they probably die because of abusing the drugs. There is wrong perception about consume the drugs, that it can bring happiness and joyful, but it’s temporary. Then they’ll be suffered. It can take away their happiness and push them down to the hole of suffering. So, by planting religion education, our children will be safe from the dangerous of drugs. Because they will know, whether it is wrong or right.
Secondly, treating your children well. This is the important one to keep our children safe from the drugs. Affection, sense of save, leading and paying attention is the things which are needed of our children. It happened to the children who didn’t have affection from their parent, they tend to be wild and looked for another attention from the outside, such as smoking, drinking, and even consuming drugs. The parent also should provide much time for gathering with their children. They should know the needs of their children. Being the best role model for their children so as to make the children follow the example from their parent. Establishing discipline at home and teaching how to refuse the drugs.
Thirdly, supervising actively and wisely. It is also important, because many parents give more freedom for their children to do anything and children misuse it, for example children are given a freedom to choose friends and intercommunicate with everybody by the parent without knowing the background of their friends. It is dangerous. Parent should know, with whom their children make friends, knowing the activities of their children outside of  home, keeping away the children from their friends who have useless activities. Parent also should check the children’s stuffs at their room and within the children’s bag regularly to make sure that they are safe from drugs.
Lastly, supporting the children to do some positive activities. It can be done by letting the children to do something that they like, as long as those are positive things, such as sports, music, additional lesson, and many more. It makes the children forget to do other useless things.
In conclusion, family especially children is probably the important thing in our life. So we must struggle to keep them safe from every threat. Especially from the threat of misapplication of drugs which are absolutely very dangerous. Save our children before the drugs come to take away our children! beware!.

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